The Works Classes

The following classes are offered at a discount with a series card:

Cardio Dance with Chrissy — This class is a long time favorite of Works members for good reason. Easy to follow steps, good music, options to sweat a lot or a little, and plenty of room to move make this a popular way to have fun during your workout. Athletic shoes suggested. (See schedule.)

"Triple thumbs up for Chrissy's cardio dance. It is one of the most joyful ways to get your heart up and have fun at the same time. She is a gifted teacher, knowing how to pace the music and the routines so someone my age (not telling) can exercise my brain as well as get the endorphins flowing." —Roz P.

Pilates Mat with Alyssa — a constantly changing mat-based workout which may use exertubes, therabands, gertie balls, stability balls and magic circles. Each class is appropriate for multi-levels; Tuesday and Thursday have a quicker pace. (See schedule.)

"Alyssa is a genuine professional and her class is never boring or entirely predictable. She is able to translate a wide array of pilates and pilates related practices into simple exercises that flow one from another, accompanied by insights into the linkages between muscles and core. Equally important, Alyssa is smart, funny, and reminds us regularly that our bodies are different and we are capable of making decisions about how much we want to challenge ourselves, or as she calls it "choose your own adventure". We leave the class invigorated!" —Joanne B.

Total Body Conditioning is a class that incorporates two important fitness philosophies. The first is high intensity interval training. Experience cardiovascular exercises designed to pump up your heart rate so you can achieve maximum fat burn and cardiovascular endurance. The second fitness philosophy is muscle confusion. No two TBC classes are the same which prevents you from getting bored and your muscles from reaching a plateau. TBC uses steps, free weights, body weight training, resistance bands and more to give you a total body workout! (See schedule.)

Yoga + Balance with Alan. Alan's ultra unique blend of yoga, coordination exercises, brain hemisphere balancing, wobble boards and philosophical insight will improve your balance and mobility at a restorative pace. (See schedule.)

Other Classes

The following classes require separate charges payable to the instructor. Series cards do not apply:

Afro-Cuban Folklore / Rumba / Cuban Dance with Royland — $12 drop-in; $40 for 4 class series. Contact Royland at 510-467-9423 or or (See schedule.)

All Out Comedy Youth Improv (ages 7-11)
Learn the core fundamentals of improv to act and create as a performer and in an ensemble. We make the art of improv accessable to anyone who can say "yes and..." to themselves and their peers. No experience required.

Whether you're the class clown or want to learn valuable theater skills, this class will enhance your abilities to be a confident performer and communicator, on and off the stage. Exercises and games are catered to the 7-11 age group. The 9 week class session ends with a group performance of short form games for family and friends.

More information here; like us on Facebook!

Dates: Tuesdays 4:00–5:30pm, Oct 11 – Dec 6
    Performance 1:30–3:00pm, Saturday Dec 10

Cost: $200 / Early Bird $182

Class Size: 16 Maximum

Ages: 7–11

Requirements: None

Ballet I — Absolute Beginner. This ballet class is for adults of all ages with no ballet experience. You will learn the fundamentals of ballet movement through this progressive 4-week series. This will include basic arm and leg positions, barre and center exercises, all supplemented by gentle stretching and strengthening exercises on the floor. A ballerina's balance, coordination, gracefulness and good posture: none of these are prerequisites! You need not possess them prior to joining. By practicing ballet in Jasmin's strength-building classes, you will develop these qualities over time in an enjoyable, non-judgmental environment.

Cost: $50 for 4-week series. No drop-ins please.

What to wear: Something you can move in, preferably form-fitting so it is easy to view and correct bodily alignment—yoga pants, spandex shorts, leggings, tights and leotards. No dangling jewelry. Hair is pulled back and secured away from face. Ballet shoes are recommended, but socks are OK as an alternative.

Questions? Call 510-455-3095. And visit Jasmin on Facebook.

Bay Area White Crane Silat is a collective of martial art trainers affiliated with the international Persatuan Gerak Badan (Body Movement Unity) school based on Java. A mix of classic Shaolin Kung Fu with Indonesian Pencak Silat, White Crane Silat is typified by low, wide, flowing movements, acrobatic jumps, rolls, and falls, and free-form sparring. White Crane silat helps people sustain health, strength, and flexibility while learning to defend themselves.

The building blocks of our system are taught in short movements incorporating a variety of strikes, blocks, kicks, and sweeps. Short movements are combined into choreographed long movements that train balance, timing, and grace. Each long movement has a different character or energy associated with an animal (Crane, Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Snake), plant (Bamboo, Peach Blossom), natural phenomenon (Wind, Seven Colors), or deity (Drunken Immortal, Kwan Yin). Partner work includes sensitivity and spatial awareness exercises, self-defense applications, and sparring.

Beginners are welcome to join any time. Wear a t-shirt and elastic or draw-string waist pants that allow you to move and breathe freely. After three months, you will be asked to wear a white t-shirt and kung fu pants.

Membership dues: $40/month, covers classes at The Works on Sundays from 3-5 p.m. as well as other locations in the Bay Area during the week. First two classes are free.

Contact: Jaida Kim Samudra ( or Cheryl Fralick (

For more information about White Crane Silat and to see videos and photographs of the style: Persatuan Gerak Badan, White Crane Silat NYC, or PGB White Crane Silat, Marin County.

DanceCraft® is Zoe Jakes's belly dance format. After well over a decade of training, performing and teaching, she has refined the essence of her own take on Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. These classes are an opportunity to study the fundamental movements and shapes of the format, and to gain perspective of where the DanceCraft® training ultimately leads.

We will be exploring the roots of Zoe's stylization and influences, while using these weekly course to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Tribal Fusion, DanceCraft style. Bring finger cymbals if you have them. These weekly classes are beginner friendly and are an excellent foundation of solid technique for belly dance!

For more information on the DanceCraft® program, see

Dholrhythms Bhangra with Vicki Virk — Bhangra is one of the happiest and most exuberant form of movements that originated in the Punjab region of North India. Traditionally performed at harvest season in the villages of Punjab, Bhangra is now known as a folk dance that is done all over India during family celebrations and festive occasions. If you have ever gone to an Indian wedding and witnessed people bouncing joyfully in circles, shrugging their shoulders, and laughing endlessly, you have experienced Bhangra. In Bollywood movies, it's often shared during scenes reflecting such colorful family celebrations. The best part about Bhangra is the overwhelming joy you experience when you are dancing. It's free spirited, down to earth, infectious and probably one of the best work outs for your body.

Classes are taught by Vicki Virk who is the co-founder of Dholrhythms Dance Company and Non Stop Bhangra, a legendary monthly, voted as one of the best dance events in San Francisco.

For more info on Vicki, Dholrhythms, or classes, please visit: For any additional questions regarding classes, please email


Thursdays: 7:00pm–8:00pm
Bhangra Workout
(open to all levels)

Description: This class is done on a weekly basis and teaches general Bhangra steps you could to any song. It's catered to those looking to learn basic Bhangra movements, while getting a good workout. It's open to all levels. The format is done in a way where you can attend the class any week and doesn't have to be sequential. Drop-ins are welcome.

Rates: Drop-in Single Session: $13
Five (5) Class Sessions: $55 (expires 4 months from purchase date)
Eight (8) Class Sessions: $80 (expires 4 months from purchase date)

Type of steps taught in this class:

Thursdays: 8:00pm–9:00pm (5 week sessions)
Rhythms of Punjab Choreography Workshop

Description: If you have ever wanted to join the colorful, vibrant, and energetic dance numbers at wedding scenes in Bollywood flicks, or perform at family, friendly gatherings, or just learn an Indian inspired dance routine for fun, then come join Dholrhythms inspired "Rhythms of Punjab" choreography workshop.

Format: Workshop will share a beautifully choreographed routine over the course of 5 weeks. Choreography will be a mixture of Bhangra and Giddha, the folk dances of Punjab. This is recommended for those that want to learn more of a performance style choreography similar to those in Bollywood movies. Each week you get to learn a combinations of steps that build into the full routine. In the final session of the workshop, a video is recorded of the entire class doing the routine just (dressed up a little in colorful Indian scarves/bracelets etc) for fun. No one is required to participate in the video. The video will be emailed to everyone that chooses to participate.

Note: Though it's easier to pick up the choreography if you begin the first or second week, drop-ins are still welcome in each class as long as you are okay with learning choreography from the middle.

Rates: Advanced Signup for all five sessions: $50 ($10/session)
Drop-in Single Session: $13/session)

Type of choreography taught in this workshop:

Workshop Schedule: New session generally begins on the second week of each month but please check Dholrhythms website for the exact dates for upcoming session.

Indian Classical Dance
Children's classes in Bharata Natyam: Classical Dance of South India

Veteran teacher Aggie Brenneman and her advanced student, Deepa Natarajan, will be teaching Bharata Natyam on Wednesdays for new and experienced students from second grade and up.

Students will learn intricate foot rhythms, hand gestures, and facial expressions to convey stories of Indian culture and mythology from this ancient dance form.

Wednesday afternoons—
   2:30–3:15     Beginners (ages 7–12 or 1 year experience)
   3:20–4:05     Intermediate I (2–3 years experience)
   4:10–5:10     Intermediate II (4–5 years experience)
   5:15–6:30     Advanced Intermediate (6 or more years experience and high school or adult beginners)

The fee is $154 for the fall term ($11/class) or $14 for drop-in. If you are interested, please respond by email, and we will send you the registration form. We look forward to working with you!

We are thrilled to be moving into The Works Collective after housing our dance classes at Park Day School for over 25 years. This will provide opportunities for students in the greater community access to this special and ancient dance form.

Inquire about sliding scale options for dance. Dance is conducted barefoot. Wear comfortable and modest clothing and bring along a long scarf if you have one.

Samba & Dança AfroNives will instruct you in the technique and art of samba do pé, samba de roda, samba reggae, Afoxé and puxada de rede. She emphasizes the importance of body alignment, core strength, balance, theatricality and musicality to the execution and enjoyment of learning dance. Some combination of Dunham technique, Capoeira, core conditioning and stretching begin and end every class.

Nives's Samba & Dança Afro classes are multi-level so all are welcomed regardless of whether or not you have taken dance before. You will simultaneously increase your cardiorespiratory endurance, build lean muscle, and learn Afro Brazilian dance techniques and choreographies. As you become stronger, develop skill with basic footwork and familiarity with the music you will notice an increase in fluidity and swing when you dance. As dance combinations gradually increase in complexity and duration you will experience the beauty and pleasure of moving assertively and rhythmically through space. Samba & Dança Afro is always challenging and rewarding. Wear comfortable clothes and flexible-soled or no shoes.

See what folks are saying about Nives and her Samba & Dança Afro class on Yelp.

Wednesdays 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturdays 11:15am – 1:00pm

1 class – $17.00 / 2-3 classes – $15.00 per class / 4-8 classes – $13.00 per class

Payment must be made before the start of class. Classes purchased for a given month cannot be carried over to the next month. Private instruction is available.

Please email Nives Wetzel de Cediel at More information at

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Kami Liddle
Tribal Fusion is a young and evolving hybrid dance form that originated in San Francisco. This contemporary style of dance is rooted in Tribal Belly Dance styles blended with other forms of dance including Egyptian Belly Dance, Popping, Hip Hop and Traditional Folkloric dance. Class is taught by Kami Liddle, a leading lady and respected authority in the Tribal Fusion Belly Dance genre. Widely known for her attentive teaching style and ground-breaking choreographies, Kami has traveled to teach and perform in over 2 dozen countries.

Basics and Conditioning:
Learn foundation Belly Dance technique with Kami Liddle and members of The Gold Star Dance Company. Starting from the ground up, we will refine the movements with drills and light combinations. Focus will be on proper posture and alignment, muscle useage, and simple foot patterns. This class is designed for students new to Belly Dance or seeking to learn and refine their technique. No dance experience necessary.

Intermediate Class with Combinations:
(1+ year experience required)
This class will focus on Kami's signature style and technique in Tribal Fusion combining elements of Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop and Classical Ballet. Class structure is based on a Western format to allow students to continue to improve on their posture and technique through drills, hands-on adjustments and incorporating movements through combinations and choreography.

A bare midriff is not required, but wearing form fitting clothing is recommend so the instructor can see the outline of the body to give adjustments when needed. A hip scarf helps to accentuate the movements; if you do not have one, there will be some available to borrow. Class is typically danced barefoot.

Basics and Conditioning: Mondays 7:30-8:30pm
Drop-in Single Session: $15
Six Class Card: $75 (expires 4 months from purchase date)

Intermediate Class: Mondays 8:35-10:00pm
Drop-in Single Session: $18
Six Class Card: $90 (expires 4 months from purchase date)

$25 to take both classes consectutively (with instructor approval)